Windows Server 2003 End of Life

Time Left Until Windows Server 2003 End of Life

2003 was a much different world than 2015. When it comes to time in the technology space, 12 years can be an eternity, however, Windows Server 2003 has been supported in some fashion since then. With the timer ticking down on product support ending, it's time for small to mid-sized businesses to critically think what your next move is for their IT systems if they are still running Windows Server 2003.  

Now that Windows Server 2k3 is unsupported, here are some things you might experience:

- Crashes and system downtime

- Increased costs

- Decreased productivity

- Security holes

- Legal, regulatory and compliance risks


Getting prepared to upgrade, migrate or replace systems can be easy if you work with the right partner. To help businesses prepare for Windows Server End of Life, check out the following resources

Windows Server 2003 End of Life Planning Resources

Windows Server 2003 Migration Planning Webinar -Understand what the end of life means for your business and what you can do to start planning for the next IT solutions.

Will Your IT Infrastructure be on the Chopping Block When Ties are Severed with Windows Server 2003 - Learn the history of how we got to the point with Windows Server 2003 going totally unsupported in this blog post.

The Inside Track of IT with Dennis Suglich: Windows Server 2003 - Get some real-world examples of what can happen when a company decides to continue to use unsupported system in this video.

Start Your Windows Server 2003 End of Life Migration

Our Sikich IT experts are ready to help your company move to the next system to power your infrastructure without the hassle of trying to this on your own. Contact us and we'll be ready to help you start the next steps to a better, and more secure, system.

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