Learn How to Tackle Pending Labor Shortage

Factory & Warehouse Automation: Addressing the Pending Labor Shortage

Join us for breakfast on Thursday, Sept 7, and find out how cost-effective technologies are addressing quality, cycle time and labor challenges – as well as satisfying how businesses meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s customers.

Finding qualified labor is becoming even more difficult, especially as companies seek to handle seasonal business surges.  Future labor projections indicate that the situation will only worsen, forcing manufacturers and distributors to investigate new ways to operate. 

Manufacturers and distributors are looking for more cost-effective ways to simplify processes and leverage automation – outside of making an enormous capital investment in robotics and automation technologies.

In this session, we will discuss cost-effective techniques to improve efficiency and reduce labor requirements. Specifically, we will review the following automation technologies and where and when they make sense to implement:

  • Robotics
  • Product-to-Man
  • Put-To and Pick-To Light
  • Voice
  • Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence

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