Businesses devoted to agriculture and agribusiness often have to depend on factors beyond their control, such as industry trends and programs, including grain prices and demand for crops; and highly seasonal cash flow and employment. Leverage what you can in order to keep the company successful—from your tax and succession planning to audits and performance measurement. Whether your company focuses on producing, grain elevators, fertilizer manufacturing or other agriculture services, continue producing quality food and energy by working with Sikich professionals who serve the heartland of agriculture production and can strategize for your company’s future.

Stay Current with the Agriculture Industry

We are members of several associations and professional organizations focused on the agricultural industry:

Farm Support Services Industry Overview
Companies in this industry provide support services for production of crops, such as planting and harvesting, and support services for production of animals, such as breeding. No major companies dominate the industry.

About 8,400 farm support services companies operate in the US, generating annual revenue of about $13 billion.

This industry includes companies that support crop and animal farming operations but don't themselves produce crops, raise farm animals, or own farmland.

Crop Production Industry Overview
Companies in this industry grow crops such as grain, oilseeds, tobacco, dry beans, potatoes, vegetables and melons, fruits and nuts, and floriculture. Major companies include Amaggi Exportação e Importação (Brazil), Chiquita Brands International, Dole Food Company, Fresh Del Monte Produce, Sunkist Growers, and Total Produce (Ireland).

Global crop production revenue exceeds $1 trillion. Sugarcane, corn, rice and wheat are the most highly produced crops. The US and China are among the top crop producers.

The US crop production industry includes about 1 million farms with combined annual revenue of about $225 billion.

Updated: January 20, 2014
Industry Intelligence from First Research, a division of Hoover's (a D&B company)

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