NetSuite Cloud ERP

Is NetSuite Right for My Organization?

If you are a company that thrives on speed, agility and nimbleness you can't get bogged down by an ERP system that is stuck in a single location or can only handle certain aspects of a business well. The trick is finding an ERP setup that can fulfill that agile role but perform like a complete package. If that sounds like familiar conversation, then it's time to get a demo of NetSuite.

NetSuite is a true cloud-based ERP system. Unlike some ERP systems that can be "placed" in the cloud, NetSuite is native to the cloud and can take advantage of all that provides. Startups and multi-entity global corporations can use the NetSuite platform and boost their operations.

The integrated approach NetSuite offers will combine all your financial business processes like accounting, inventory and supply chain and order management with CRM and Ecommerce information all in one place. Here are the specific products that work together when you choose NetSuite:

  • NetSuite ERP streamlines your essential back-office operations and financial business processes, including accounting, inventory and supply chain and order management.
  • NetSuite CRM+ provides complete visibility into your customer lifecycle management, from marketing automation and opportunity management, to up-selling, quoting and order management, through to customer service.
  • NetSuite Ecommerce expands your global reach with website, webstore, shopping cart management and web marketing and analytics, all tightly integrated with ERP and CRM for B2B and B2C e-commerce companies.

Using the Cloud to Gain Lofty Advantage

Sikich has deep experience showing businesses the power of the cloud and how to gain an advantage in your industry. NetSuite, being a cloud-only solution, maximizes the benefits of expanding at the pace and speed your business is growing. With mobile support, you'll be able to access your critical business information from anywhere in the world that contains actionable data that will allow you to make decisions in the field.

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Insights about Moving to the Cloud

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The NetSuite Experience Sikich Brings to Your Organization

Sikich is a Top 25 professional services firm focused on delivering technology solutions for tangible business improvement and organizational excellence. Our team is comprised of senior ERP consultants and multidisciplinary business advisors who have helped leading companies in the United States and across the globe.

What that means for your business is you'll get access to our leadership team who have successfully implemented all types and varieties of ERP systems for countless clients.We'd love if you would contact us for a demo so we can show you how NetSuite can move your business forward.

Learn more about NetSuite and the benefits it can bring your organization.

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