Warehouse Management with Third Party Logistics

Take Control of Your Warehouse and Billing Activities

You spend hours managing your warehouse and Third Party Logistics (3PL) activities, but think of how beneficial it would be to both your business and your customers to reduce those hours and streamline those various processes.

Now you can. Sikich has developed a Warehouse Management with 3PL software solution that is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our software will allow your business to automate and integrate your warehouse, 3PL transactions and activities. The result will allow you to operate your supply chain business more efficiently and profitably.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bill clients for transactions
    • Define rates to charge clients on over 20 warehouse activities.
    • Bill at periodic times rather than per order/shipment.
    • Charge for creating client items.
    • Manage warehouse activities (i.e. receipts, picks, physical inventory, returned shipments, ASN processing from supplier and return of client product to supplier).
    • User defined activities; manual vs. imported order and charging separate rates; manual PO creation vs. PO creation from ASN; expedited shipping charges (premuim if shipping is same day).
    • Data import order addresses and sales order; unique method of consolidating order deliveries to improve performance; calculate cheapest shipping agent and serivce to make the requested delivery date; create and consolidate orders to single order with one ship date.
    • Efficient processing of order; precreate package shipping labels; calculate cost effective ways to package items; pre-print shipping labels; Line Journal Scanning of shipping labels to collect shipments and update what is shipped directly from the line.
    • Charge for storage space utilized; limit bins to single client; track space used by client inventory.
    • Track KPI information on 3PL activities per customer.
  • Project billing
    • Create projects to group activities together.
    • Define kits to be shipped.
    • Track KPI information per project.
    • Create blanket orders to hold demand until order addresses are imported later.
    • Invoice at project level (not each order shipment).
  • Create new role centers for account managers
    • Queue lists of data import with errors that need attention for their projects or customers.
    • Quick access to rate cards and project definitions.
  • Line Time Journal
    • Track time and number of resources used on each line.
    • Feeds production orders for time consumed against production orders.
    • Feeds job journals for indirect labor tracking.
  • Scan option to add packaging information to shipping station and add item to order for inventory management and billing.
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