Microsoft Dynamics NAV Modules

Sikich develops modules for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that can expand the core software to specifically fit the needs of your business. Learn more about our modules and how they could fit in your business.

Commission Management System (CMS) -
Flexible commission software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

CMS NAV Role Tailored Client provides calculation, tracking, and reporting of line-level commissions. It provides several benefits to the user including multiple methods of defining commission rates (including margin), the ability to pay commissions upon partial or full receipt of payment from customers, batch reprinting of paid commissions, and automatic commission adjustment when item costs are adjusted. Salespeople can view the status of their commissions down to the document line level at any time from drillable flow fields on the Salesperson Commission Card or standard NAV Role Tailored Client Navigate functionality.

Market Rate of Demand (MRD)

A worksheet tool designed to help manage inventory at lowest and most cost effective level based on Sales History. MRD calculates Target Quantity (Maximum Inventory) for an Item/Stock Keeping Unit based on Sales History. The Target Quantity is calculated based on Average Weekly Sales and the No. of weeks of On-Hand Quantity we want to carry for the item.

Schedule-Release-Forecast (SRF)

Provides the capability to import customer product demand forecasting and release schedules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In simple terms, this is accomplished by capturing and tying the Forecasts and Shipments from the EDI 830s and 862s to Dynamics NAV Production Forecasts and Planning Engine. The SRF process imports an EDI 830 document sent by a Trade Partner and creates a Production forecast that can be used by Dynamics NAV MRP-MPS to create production orders on items that are built. When a ‘Firm’ release is given (either on the 830 itself with a ‘Firm’ indicator or on a separate EDI Document – 862), the demand is moved from production forecast to true orders. On items that are manufactured, SRF also calculates the demand of the components and generates the outbound EDI 830 Schedule to the component vendor. For vendors that are not EDI, SRF provides the ability to generate the Vendor Forecast as an Excel export from NAV.

Subcontractor Management

Subcontract Management allows for shipping the Purchase Order to the Vendor using Subcontractor shipping using Lanham E-Ship. The product adds the generation of a subcontract ledger entry type of Outbound which is rolled up into a flow field on the production routing line to indicate the product is out at the Vendor. The drill down to the ledger would indicate when that shipment was made. In addition receipts will update the ledger showing what is back from the Vendor.

Wireless WMS

Wireless WMS provides a simple to use user interface to perform complex warehouse processes using Dynamics NAV warehouse management functions. The screens are optimized to fit on small devices that can be used by employees in the warehouse with minimal keyboard entry. Prompts will direct the employee on how to perform the task.

ShopVue Connector

The ShopVue Connector provides the capability to allow the ShopVue product to interact cooperatively with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 by sharing a number of areas. On the NAV side, the ShopVue Production and Material Connector Granules contain code and data to support synchronization. On the ShopVue side there are SQL tables, views and procedures specific to NAV.

Infinia Integrator for NAV

Infinia Integrator for NAV will import General Ledger (GL) journal entries into Dynamics NAV with a simple Copy - Paste - Import from Excel. Select the company, choose the batch, and paste. The journal entries are fully validated before being imported in Dynamics NAV. Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.

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