NAV Commission Management System

You spend hours each pay period determining commissions and fielding questions from sales staff about payments, percentage levels and more. Imagine how beneficial it would be to reduce your manual commission calculations and eliminate some of the cumbersome steps.

Now you can. Sikich has developed a commission system that is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allows you to automate your commission program and has the flexibility to work within your business rules. Spend time managing sales as opposed to managing commissions. Not only will our commission granule help you, but your sales staff will spend less time scrutinizing their commission payments and more time selling.

Whether you base commissions on sales revenue or gross profit, commissions can now easily be tracked by any number of individuals in your organization. By having access to real-time data, you can see statistics and pending and/or paid out commissions, eliminating time-consuming manual processes. By generating reports at the click of a button, you can see commissions paid on fully or partially-paid invoices, commissions based upon individual jobs, commission statistics by salesperson, pending commission records and more. And now you can adjust commissions for item cost changes when the Inventory-Adjust Cost Routines are run. Because Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates data from your entire organization, you and your sales staff can see the details of your commission status at any given moment. Having an adaptable, integrated business management solution that is fast to implement, easy to customize, and simple to use and maintain gives you the freedom to focus on other areas of your business.

Features of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Commission Management Software

  • All commissions kept by invoice line in a commission ledger
  • Full navigation available from the commission ledger entries
  • Commissions based on sales or profit
  • Commissions paid on (fully or partially) paid invoices
  • Default commission percentage plus override capability on items, accounts, and resources
  • Ability to view and override commission rates at a line level before posting
  • Job specific commission available when jobs are used
  • Commission adjusted for Item cost changes when the Inventory-Adjust Cost Routines are run
  • Commission journal for manual adjustments
  • Commissions split among multiple salespeople
  • Capability for salespeople to view their own pending commission records
  • Commission statistics by salesperson
  • View commissions earned at a document level
  • Batch commission reporting
  • User-level security
Interested in seeing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Commission Management System in action? Contact us for a demo and to learn more.
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