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Many equipment manufacturing companies spend a great deal of time selecting the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) application for their business―perhaps this includes you. However your journey unfolded, you have made the decision that Microsoft Dynamics AX is the right system for your organization. But have you seriously evaluated who the best partner is to help you implement Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Most industry experts advise that selecting the right implementation partner is nearly as important as the solution itself if your ERP project is going to be successful.*

How do you make this partner selection decision?

You want to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX in the most optimal way to improve your business operations and achieve your investment objectives. What company is best suited to help you accomplish this feat?

  • The company that is vertically focused, meaning that they have vast industry expertise in your business so they can help you implement your Microsoft Dynamics AX software in optimal fashion.
  • The company that provides unique proprietary tools to enable you to successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics AX in a shorter time period using less internal resources at a lower total cost.
  • The company that has established a proven track record of helping clients to truly empower their organization with knowledge and industry best practices to achieve world class results.

If you are a manufacturer of equipment or related products and consider yourself to be characterized by some combination of engineer-to-order (ETO), configure-to-order (CTO), make-to-order (MTO), or make-to-stock (MTS) processes in a project or job-centric environment, then Sikich is your best partner .

An award-winning partner with Microsoft for Dynamics AX, Sikich has focused on providing solutions for equipment manufacturers based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for more than a decade―showcasing our long track record of successfully assisting more than 7,000 users with their implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Our consultants are all seasoned veterans with years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics AX and with our equipment manufacturing clients. Most of our consultants pursued successful careers in manufacturing before getting involved in providing Microsoft Dynamics AX consulting services.

While our team members are top-notch, another part of our success is attributable to our proven methodology for deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX with our Equipment Manufacturing clients. While we are flexible and adaptable in our services and methods, we remain committed to minimum standards on training and a gated approach driven by go/no-go milestones to ensure you experience results through mutually defined project timelines and scope.

We augment this methodology with a unique set of deployment tools that assist our clients in achieving go-live on their new Microsoft Dynamics AX system within reasonable budgetary expectations.

Sikich is also uniquely qualified to provide customized on-site training programs for Microsoft Dynamics AX utilizing your business data and processes . Our approach to training yields significantly better results than the “canned” classroom trainings that are commonly offered by others.

Finally, our clients tell us they love working with us. They find us easy to work with and note that we offer deep knowledge of their industry and processes that allow us to deliver value beyond just the technologies and capabilities for Equipment Manufacturers inherent to Microsoft Dynamics AX. In the final analysis, this may be one of the most important things you can find in a partner like Sikich―the ability to deliver results from your deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX that exceed what otherwise would have been possible with just your own people or with a different partner.

Sikich was hands‐on from the very first and helped from strategy to go‐live. Their consultants are experts at not just the technology, but with our industry business needs.”
Jake Trenholm, Systems Analyst, The Greenbrier Companies

If you would like to learn more, please contact us. We look forward to working with you and adding you to our list of happy clients and friends. 

*Somers, T., and Nelson, K., The Impact of Critical Success Factors across the Stages of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementations




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