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Dynamics NAV Distribution Client TestimonialAs a leader of a distribution company, you know that taking care of your customers’ needs means more than just delivering orders. You are expected to provide accurate and fast order fulfillment while managing pricing pressures from increased competition.  To meet these increasing demands, distributors need sophisticated distribution management systems that not only help boost customer satisfaction and loyalty but also improve margins, decrease operational costs and create a competitive advantage.

Take control of your profits by ensuring that your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution is updated and working effectively for your organization. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a distribution software system that allows you to optimize your inventory and truly perform end-to-end supply chain management. With Dynamics NAV:  

  • Process management, including repackaging and remanufacturing activities
  • Inventory management and control
  • Warehouse process management
  • Workload management and automation
  • Business intelligence and financial reporting
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Human capital management

Easy ERP Distribution Software Implementation

With Sikich, you can implement your distribution software with ease. Sikich offers both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and NAV-X. NAX-X distribution software offers exclusive features like vendor managed inventory, advanced sales commissions and collections and credit management to simplify your complex distribution operation. Both systems integrate financial, supply chain and logistics management capabilities, as well as provide insightful reporting – saving you time, resources and money.

Distribution Industry Challenge

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Solution

Disparate solutions that don’t work well together and poor cross-functional processes that cause business requirement mismatches.

Centralized information for easy access throughout your business. Obtain the ability to eliminate manual processes and streamline warehouse operations.

Maintaining accurate inventory records. 

Maintained records that will accurately forecast demand, balance inventory costs against fill rates and customer satisfaction level, streamline warehouse process, and efficiently handle and fulfill orders more quickly and accurately.

Creating end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Supplier relationship management capabilities that bring together logistics execution, financial management, order management, customer relationship management and business intelligence.

Meeting sustainability and compliance requirements.

Comply with customer and retailer requirements for products and order identification, tracking, labeling, or unitizing standards while mapping tracking data directly to eletronic data interchange (EDI) documents.

Managing business risks.

Get immediate feedback on business performance with a clear understanding of product profitability, seasonality and trends.

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