ERP Selection

The ERP selection process involves ensuring that an organization is fully ready to adopt ERP software, analyzing its unique processes and defining its system requirements, and finally selecting the appropriate ERP software for your industry. For more than thirty years, our ERP selection services have guided organizations of all sizes through successful ERP selection projects.

Why Sikich for ERP Selection?

Our ERP selection methodology starts with the recognition that each company approaches ERP selection with a unique set of industry needs, resources, and culture. You will benefit from our unique approach to the selecting ERP software because:

  • We don’t use cookie-cutter ERP capabilities databases to match your criteria. These are too generic. We research and document your unique organizational needs to help find the best option for meeting your specific industry requirements.
  • We ensure that your organization follows a proven methodology in the selection process that will lead to a sound ERP selection decision.
  • We use our own proprietary data collection and business analysis tools in the discovery process. These tools help reduce the burden on your team and give us better insight about your unique needs.
  • We focus on helping you improve your business process and performance. We believe that if you concentrate on the key 20% of your business processes that impact 80% of your results, your ERP project will be more successful.
  • We staff our selection team with advisory consultants who are veteran ERP solution and industry experts. They use that deep, first-hand knowledge to guide you in rethinking your business processes and how your organization can best benefit from your investment in a new ERP solution.
  • We streamline your selection process, saving you time and money.

Take the first step on your ERP selection journey in the right direction. Contact Sikich today and let us guide you through a proven process with the best possible prospects for success.

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