Sikich offers a wide range of internships throughout the year. Each opportunity allows students to experience real-life scenarios, work with different teams and help build their personal brand.

Sikich recruits from a variety of schools around the Midwest for internships and entry-level opportunities. We typically attend campus career fairs in the fall and spring. Check out the campus recruiting calendar to find out where we will be next! 

To help understand our process of selecting individuals through campus recruiting, we have listed the steps we take to find the best fit candidates for Sikich.

How to get started:

Check our calendar to see if we are attending a specific fair.
Contact your school's career center and register for the fair.

  • The internships for which Sikich recruits will be submitted into the school's career center.
  • At the fair, Sikich employees talk with students to learn about their backgrounds and interests.
  • After the fair, we review resumes and contact prospective individuals for a phone interview. This process typically takes two to four weeks.
  • After conducting phone interviews, intern interview days are scheduled (depending on the opportunity, these could be one or two interviews). This is usually a one-day interview process, and each candidate meets with a few employees at the firm.
  • The decision process typically takes one to three weeks.
  • If we are not attending your school's career fair, please contact us.
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