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Sikich UniversitySikich University is dedicated to improving the knowledge and skills of all our professionals. The Sikich University Learning & Development program creates innovative learning opportunities, provides a platform for knowledge creation and sharing, promotes professional authenticity, and, in the end, will create a learning culture within the firm.

Sikich University provides a blended learning approach by providing a combination of asynchronous and synchronous virtual learning, instructor-led training, mentoring and self-study. Sikich University offers a “Core” curriculum, which are fundamental to realizing firm-wide objectives and soft skill development. In order to build deep Trainingtechnical experts, courses within our “Custom” curriculum will provide employees with training related to their role and Service Area within the firm.

Sikich University offers training programs in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Technical
  • Sales EffectivenessProfessional DevelopmentTraining and Development
  • Interpersonal Development

Sikich University is continually recognized for its pioneering leadership in building skills of all kinds for employees firm-wide. Here are some of the recent awards won by the team"


The Corporate University Best-in-Class, or CUBIC Awards, were established to honor, recognize and promote learning organizations and corporate universities that set standards of excellence in a variety of categories relating to performance and results.

Sikich was awarded 2nd place for best use of a learning management system. Combining a few different technologies and taking a uniquely innovative approach by transforming an "off-the-shelf" system into a multi-purpose, one-stop learning portal to meet the needs of a growing organization.

Sikich University led New Joiner Core is a team building program that is built into the employee on-boarding process at the firm. With speed networking, simulations, pairing icebreakers and solution-based problem solving, employees new and veteran get to connect.

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