Your job, your community, your life—whether you’re just starting your career or have been working for 30 years, we want you to succeed and grow in all areas. That’s why Sikich provides a positive, recognition-focused and teamwork-oriented environment for our employees. We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we work hard to ensure that all employees feel empowered, comfortable and valued in everything they do.

Collaborate and communicate with your team and firm-wide employees. You’ll find new opportunities at Sikich—not only to help clients, but also to make differences. You’ll take part in making important decisions and have conversatioThe Sikich Culturens with top-level leaders who encourage ideas and creativity. And to maintain solid relationships, Sikich sponsors events where employees get to learn more about one another, from end-of-busy-season and summer parties to holiday celebrations.

Keep a healthy work/life balance in our flexible workplace. Between working, spending time with family and whatever else your day may hold, making time for everything can be difficult. At Sikich, you have the opportunity to maintain a flexible work schedule and even work remotely. Since all employees can connect outside the office using a firm-wide instant messaging system and internal social network, telecommuting is a feasible option for many.

Access the resources you need to go the extra mile. Our corporate headquarters is equipped with the latest tools and innovative technology to help you every day. Plus, with more than 20 conference rooms, meeting areas with couches, treadmill workstations, a relaxation room and coffee stations throughout, employees can always step away from their desks to brainstorm or simply recharge.

Expand your skills and knowledge by taking continuing education courses. Whether you want to obtain a certification, work toward a degree or learn at a conference, Sikich is committed to the education and professional development of our employees. And, our internal educational program, Sikich University, allows our employees to take online and in-person courses in a variety of topics.

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