3 ways in-depth reporting can transform your business

Posted in ERP & CRM Software | Accounting & ERP Software | Technology on March 5, 2012

Most businesses don’t realize how cryptic their reporting system is until they see how advanced it really can be by just implementing ERP software.  We’ve seen this transformation for a number of clients and want to share three ways reporting can actually help save your business.  Get it together:  Having important business data spread out amongst different software pro... [More]

Planning for the future: Upgrade for your ERP software

Posted in ERP & CRM Software | Accounting & ERP Software | Microsoft Dynamics AX | Microsoft Dynamics GP | Microsoft Dynamics NAV & NAV-X | Microsoft Dynamics SL | Technology on February 28, 2012

Many of us would like to implement an ERP solution once and not have to worry about it again, but this is not realistic and can put your company at risk.  Chances are good that you aren’t driving the same car you did 5 years ago and I highly doubt you are even using the same cell phone you had 2 years ago.  The fact is that technology is not just changing, it’s constantly imp... [More]

4 tips to select and implement quality ERP software

Posted in ERP & CRM Software | Accounting & ERP Software | Tech Tips | Technology on February 23, 2012

There are tricks, there are tests, and there are questions you should ask. But the four most important things to keep in mind when selecting and implementing quality ERP software are in this blog… Business Requirements: You wouldn’t trade in your car for a boat if you didn’t live by the water. So why would you buy an ERP solution that doesn’t meet the needs of your busin... [More]

3 reasons why ERP software is a must for financial management

Posted in ERP & CRM Software | Accounting & ERP Software | Technology on February 15, 2012

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can do a number of things for your business. One of its main perks is the financial management capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics® ERP software improves financial management in the following three ways: Compliancy: It’s not a great feeling having the IRS look over your shoulder, threatening the life of your business. No body wants to cut corner... [More]

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile, you can have CRM anywhere!

Posted in ERP & CRM Software | CRM Software | Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Technology on February 6, 2012

With the Microsoft Dynamics Q2 2012 Service Update, Microsoft Dynamics CRM continues to lead the way in innovation by bringing a new cloud based mobile CRM service called Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile. This mobile solution will work across a variety of platforms marking availability on most popular smartphones and tablets. Available on both Online and On-Premise, users can access their CRM data fr... [More]

What mobile technology trends mean for your CRM software

Posted in Technology | CRM Software | Mobility on February 6, 2012

You can’t help but notice the major emphasis people are putting on mobile devices these days. They are the wave of the future, and one that can make businesses more productive and efficient. But what does this mean for your existing CRM software? This means it’s time to accept mobility into your current customer service management, if you haven’t already. Your employees are proba... [More]

There’s gold in your data

Posted in Technology | CRM Software on February 1, 2012

All businesses have data on their customers. In the worst case scenario it is on paper, in the best case its in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. In reality, it is somewhere in between. Regardless of where the information is kept, many organizations do not use this data to its full potential. This is unfortunate, as the data is literally handed to them for free, and has the ability ... [More]

Social media plus CRM equals a winning combination

Posted in Marketing | Digital | Technology | CRM Software on January 24, 2012

Social media is invading nearly every aspect of business.  There seems to be a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter link on nearly every website, print ad, and commercial ads.  If you aren’t using social media to reach out to your customers, then you could be missing important opportunities. Tools that listen to social media streams are especially beneficial for businesses these days; ev... [More]

Bridging three manufacturing sectors into one Microsoft Dynamics product

Posted in ERP & CRM Software | Accounting & ERP Software | Microsoft Dynamics AX | Technology on January 18, 2012

“Most businesses are dynamic with many different operations and processes that together help keep you at the forefront of your marketplace.  Manufacturing operations have the added factors of inventory, production, and supply chain management for their products.  As complicated as that could be, Microsoft has done a nice job of combining process manufacturing, discrete manufacturin... [More]

More Bang for Your Buck: CRM Software Return on Investment Scores High

Posted in Technology | CRM Software | Microsoft Dynamics CRM on January 4, 2012

According to Nucleaus Research, customer relations management products return an amazing $5.60 for each dollar invested. But the ROI for software that helps companies understand business analytics – in such areas as business intelligence, performance management and predictive analytics – scores even higher: $10.66. (See appended reports at the end of this article). The results of thes... [More]

Cloud Concerns for the Manufacturing Enterprise Quickly Fading

Posted in ERP & CRM Software | Accounting & ERP Software | Technology | Cloud & Hosting Solutions on December 19, 2011

According to Gartner Research, in the three years since it started measuring the Cloud Computing Services Model, the delivery model has moved from #14 to #1 on the Gartner's list of CIO priorities. A few years ago many manufacturers quickly overlooked transition to the cloud because of the obvious security concerns and “what if” scenarios at risk. For example, what if the internet goes... [More]

Important Customer Management Lessons Learned from 2011

Posted in Technology | CRM Software on December 12, 2011

As we approach the New Year, it’s important to take a look back at 2011 for lessons learned about your customer management. Whether you have CRM software in place or not, it’s important to gauge customer activity to make plans for the year ahead. Customer Experience: Customer experience has become extremely important in the last year. Companies are getting more and more creative ... [More]

Social Collaboration Tool Adoption for Your Business

Posted in Marketing | Digital | Technology | CRM Software on November 22, 2011

The Facebook and Twitter generation is demanding more social collaboration for business technology solutions. This just goes to prove that the days are over for archaic CRM solutions, and the days are here for Social CRM. Employees and customers want more social collaboration in the workplace and online. Social CRM makes that possible, but where do you begin? How can you adopt social collaboration... [More]

More Visibility Into Your End Customer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Posted in Technology | CRM Software | Microsoft Dynamics CRM on November 17, 2011

Can you explain to me who your end customer is? Do you have a good idea about their buying behavior? If you can, you are more ahead of the game than you think. Many companies don’t have the visibility into this information and it really limits what they can ultimately do for their customers. Whether you work directly with your customers or work with distributors who sell to your end custome... [More]

What are the Differences Between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Posted in Accounting & ERP Software | Microsoft Dynamics GP | Microsoft Dynamics NAV & NAV-X | Technology on November 7, 2011

The four lines of Microsoft Dynamics® ERP meet varying specifics of certain industries and requirements. Today, we’re looking at Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.   Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV How are they different and which one may be right for you? If you’ve been researching ERP solutions awhile, you may be familiar with the options out... [More]

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