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Don't Get Caught Off Guard with Windows Server 2003 End of Life

Posted in Supply Chain | Agriculture | Construction | Healthcare | Managed Services | Managed IT Services | Core Technology | Manufacturing & Distribution | Not-for-Profit | Oilfield Services | IT Consulting | IT Infrastructure | Strategic IT Planning on March 10, 2015

Companies and organizations running Windows Server 2003 need to start thinking and acting on plans to upgrade their systems. [More]

Are You Burning Money with Unrealistic RPOs and RTOs?

Posted in Agriculture | Construction | Government | Managed Services | Managed IT Services | Manufacturing & Distribution | Not-for-Profit | Oilfield Services | Technology | IT Consulting | IT Infrastructure | Strategic IT Planning on February 13, 2015

What happens when a major event or catastrophe happens to your organization’s network? It’s time to follow the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) protocols. [More]

7 Ways to Create Growth through External Innovation

Posted in Advisory | Investment Banking & Corporate Finance | Acquisitions Advisory | Marketing | Higher Education | Strategic IT Planning on September 2, 2014

While some companies prefer to utilize tools for internal innovation, in today’s fast-paced business world, many companies have taken the principles of Henry Chesbrough’s open innovation concepts—or external innovation—to heart. They have embraced all forms of external innovation in order to increase speed-to-market and profitability. [More]

Top 3 Reasons for Choosing a Microsoft Dynamics Solution

Posted in ERP & CRM Software | Accounting & ERP Software | Microsoft Dynamics AX | Microsoft Dynamics GP | Microsoft Dynamics NAV & NAV-X | Microsoft Dynamics SL | Microsoft Dynamics CRM | ERP Software | Technology | Strategic IT Planning on May 12, 2014

A Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solution is your springboard to continuous improvement as it provides consistency, visibility and reliability across business processes. Here are the top three reasons to choose a Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solution. [More]

Top 10 Business Challenges Solved with Integrated Document Management: Part 1

Posted in Tech Tips | Technology | IT Consulting | Strategic IT Planning on April 9, 2014

Every business has challenges that prevent employees from being as efficient as possible, many of which aren’t perceived as issues until they are actually pointed out. How can you work more intelligently? [More]

4 Cyber Risk Management Practices in Oilfield Services

Posted in Accounting & ERP Software | Microsoft Dynamics NAV & NAV-X | Oilfield Services | Tech Tips | Strategic IT Planning on January 9, 2014

According to a recent study, cyber attacks against the OFS industry will cost companies $1.87 billion by 2018. OFS companies will have to establish cyber risk management practices to protect their businesses. Implementing these cyber risk management practices in your OFS company will mitigate the risk of a cyber security attack. Here are four cyber risk management practices oilfield services companies are executing. [More]

Creating and Enforcing an Adequate Password Policy (Part 2)

Posted in Technology | IT Infrastructure | Security | Strategic IT Planning on October 25, 2013

Still prevalent are systems that require only a user name and password to gain access to privileged information. Unfortunately, there are thousands of hackers worldwide anxiously and actively attempting to steal or circumvent this weak form of security. This is a lucrative attack vector for the hacking community and will continue to be a popular exploit until the user community becomes more aware of this formidable threat. Not until the user community recognizes the threat and discontinues the use of weak passwords will this attack vector begin to abate. [More]

How to Use VirusTotal to Find Malicious Software: Part 2

Posted in Tech Tips | Technology | IT Infrastructure | Security | Strategic IT Planning on September 17, 2013

The capabilities and utility of VirusTotal are impressive—enough in fact that Google recently purchased the company. However, as with any tool, it can be used for good or for ill. In the latter case, when an attacker deploys a piece of malicious software (perhaps as an email attachment), they hash the file first. Read on to understand what a hash is, how it works and how to calculate its value. [More]

Windows XP Expiration Date: A Great Opportunity for Your Organization

Posted in Technology | Cloud & Hosting Solutions | IT Infrastructure | Virtualization | Strategic IT Planning on September 12, 2013

According to several articles in online technology magazines, 38 to 45 percent of PCs connected to the Internet are still on Windows XP. This is, to be blunt, not good. In case you haven't heard, Windows XP is on its way out. On April 8, 2014, Windows XP will reach end-of-support, meaning it will no longer receive critical updates or patches to protect your computer and your network from dangerous malware, viruses and spam. [More]

How to Use VirusTotal to Find Malicious Software

Posted in Technology | IT Infrastructure | Security | Strategic IT Planning on September 9, 2013

For those of us who watch technology in the news it is apparent that our networks are under an increasing load of attacks ranging from the automated to the highly personal. As a network defender―whether in a technical or managerial/oversight role―it is easy to get swept up in the allure of various vendors selling a technological magic bullet to protect your network. And while those blinking light boxes can be very effective at what they do, they are not the only tool available. [More]

Employees: Your Biggest IT Security Risk

Posted in Technology | IT Consulting | Security | Strategic IT Planning on August 8, 2013

Your corporate data is more accessible to more of your employees than ever. This is true for a host of reasons―mobile devices and the growth of BYOD, a growing trend of remote and flexible work options, increased pressure to be more productive, etc. Unfortunately, these trends mean your employees are doing things that unintentionally put your data at risk every single day. [More]

Let's Talk Tech: Finding Your Perfect Hosting Match

Posted in Technology | Cloud & Hosting Solutions | Managed Hosting Solutions | Strategic IT Planning on July 25, 2013

When looking for your private cloud hosting "perfect match," there are several factors most organizations consider. These factors include price, security and adherence to regulations. But just like dating, there are a few key questions to ask and consider before committing to a long-term relationship. Tune into the latest edition of Let’s Talk Tech to learn what to look for in a perfect hosting match. [More]

The Risk of Disruption to Your Supply Chain

Posted in Technology | Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity | Strategic IT Planning on July 23, 2013

According to a recent survey, 75 percent of respondents (mostly supply chain risk operators) experienced an "unexpected major supply chain disruption" in the past two years. These disruptions can happen due to a number of reasons, but some are more prevalent than others. Mark Wilson, director of information risk management at Sikich discusses the missing element during the disaster recovery planning phase for many organizations. [More]

Cloud Hosting: A Strategic Advantage for Nonprofits

Posted in Not-for-Profit | Technology | Cloud & Hosting Solutions | Strategic IT Planning on July 15, 2013

With increasing competition and scrutiny on the allocation of funds, nonprofits today must work harder than ever to gain not only volunteers and donations, but also a strategic advantage that helps the organization win grants, provide performance metrics to its board, decrease its overhead ratio and prove its effectiveness to the public. Developing a technology roadmap, including integrating a cloud hosting model, is essential to maintain and improve operational effectiveness. [More]

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