Audit, Review & Compilation Services

An audit enhances the degree of confidence for those who may use your financial statements by providing the highest level of assurance. From single audits to project-specific audits, drive that confidence by ensuring that your organization is managing funds properly.

Do you have an investor or other third party seeking an evaluation of your financial statements, but you don’t necessarily need an audit? A financial statement review may be your answer. A review is substantially less in scope than an audit and takes less time, providing limited assurance on your financial statements.

Is your business a private company that just needs help gathering and presenting financial information—without requiring assurance that your financial statements are accurate? Schedule monthly, quarterly or annual compilations with Sikich, and you’ll stay ahead of any potential financial reporting issues.

Agreed-Upon Procedures
You don’t need something as detailed as an audit, but perhaps you need something more than what a review can offer—this is when an agreed-upon procedures engagement might make the most sense. Whether you need loan terms evaluated or investment returns calculated, you will receive the information you need for a specific purpose.

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