Retained Search

When you have a high-priority position that requires unique skill-sets, partner with Sikich for industry-specific knowledge and insight.

Executive-level positions deserve special mention. The best executive level candidates are actively working and require a tailored approach by professionals who understand the demands on their time and who can talk with these candidates on a peer-to-peer basis. Retained search is designed to help you access top executive talent for those leadership positions that are critical to the ultimate success of your organization.

Our team members in retained executive search are often former executives who bring a real understanding of the demands that organizations face and have exceptional skills in matching the right executive with the right opportunity. These staffing professionals look not only to match a candidate’s talents and experience to an opportunity, but also to ensure the opportunity is a good fit from both a cultural and personal standpoint. We often work with Boards of Directors on their executive searches and can actively support top executives in building teams. In the search process, Sikich serves in an advisory role to the Board or the hiring executive.

As part of the retained process, your organization also receives a behavioral assessment of the candidate’s skills as matched to the position. The professional fees for retained search include the time necessary to fully understand both the position and the organization and the time required to develop a strong, often confidential, marketing campaign to highlight the opportunity to passive candidates who are identified as part of the search process. In addition to the sourcing and professional screening of this talent, you will receive an in-depth background and reference check process.

Fee structure: flat rate, billed in two or three increments.

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