Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Build your bench strength and increase both the quality and quantity of your candidate pool, with job candidates who are already vetted and able to step in at a moment’s notice.

If your organization has a position or a group of positions that you are regularly recruiting for – either seasonal and/or temporary positions or permanent, full-time positions – recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) allows you to develop a pipeline of candidates and ultimately a bench of fully vetted candidates to fill future openings. RPO is a 24/7/365 approach to recruiting that helps organizations cut down the time needed to hire, saving you the aggravation of opening and closing numerous searches for the same position since the recruiting process is continuous. Ultimately, you benefit from being able to access a pool of previously screened candidates for positions that might be open tomorrow, two weeks from now or 6 months to a year from now.

The process includes ongoing sourcing to identify talent, screening against the basic needs of the position as defined by you and can include ongoing monthly contact with this pool of screened candidates regarding news about your company to help maintain interest as openings become available. In addition to the sourcing and screening mentioned, Sikich can also complete reference checks to close the hiring cycle and create a pool of fully vetted candidates. The system is as flexible as you need. The monthly fee is completely within your control based on the number of positions expected to be filled over a specified period of time and the depth of the screening process chosen.

Fee structure: monthly retainer.


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