Supplier Management & Integration Services

Some questions aren’t easy to ask―and don’t come with simple answers. Regardless of how complicated your question may be, be confident that you will receive an answer from our experienced Supply Chain experts that is tailored to fit your organization’s objectives.

Make Versus Buy Analysis
Are you wondering, “Should we make it ourselves?” If so, work with Sikich to make this important, yet sometimes emotional, decision. Examine the financial and strategic considerations that will help you arrive at a decision you feel comfortable with and that is founded on a critical analysis.

Indirect Spend Analysis
If you are asking, “Are we paying too much?” you are not alone. Many organizations’ percentage of total costs associated with purchased goods has risen dramatically. Work with us using our five-step Indirect Spend Analysis process to find the best cost-saving solution for your organization.

Supplier Integration
Finding the appropriate suppliers for your organization and creating a tightly integrated relationship that benefits both parties are indicative traits of a world-class supply chain. Achieve a successful relationship that yields lower inventory, shorter lead times, reduced costs and streamlined communication when you work with Sikich.

Inventory Rightsizing: SKU Rationalization
SKU rationalization is an ongoing process for quantitatively analyzing the effectiveness and value offering of all products. Sikich can help analyze demand patterns and inventory stocking levels while identifying excess and obsolete inventory. Achieve optimal inventory levels and gain greater efficiencies in the picking processes with our rightsizing solutions.

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