Manufacturing Solutions

Discover the hidden opportunities that exist in your manufacturing processes with Sikich’s focused analysis and creative application of proven lean manufacturing principles. As a result, your organization can achieve improved performance and a more responsive, competitive supply chain.

Facility Assessment
Align production strategies with your overall corporate strategy to accomplish an efficient flow of product at a competitive price. By teaming up with Sikich, you will receive an evaluation of the operational, financial and service capabilities and utilization of your production facilities.

Facility Layout and Design
Facility layout and design is a key factor in realizing an efficient production environment. As this is no easy task for any manufacturer, Sikich’s Supply Chain team offers a customized solution based on your organization’s specific challenges and goals through comprehensive facility planning and design services. Optimize flow, reduce waste and boost productivity when you team up with our experts.

Lean Manufacturing
Create more value for your customers with fewer resources, by implementing the Lean Manufacturing model. By eliminating waste along the entire value stream, you can create processes that require less human effort, space, capital and time to make products. The shift to “lean” requires rigorous analysis and tremendous discipline but the benefits to an organization are significant. Develop operations that quickly respond to changing customer demands with high-variety, high-quality, low-cost and quick throughput times when you work with Sikich.

Asset Maintenance Management
With the ever-changing business landscape and economic fluctuations, you need to maximize your asset performance and control maintenance and operations costs. Boost total productive capacity, ensure safety and compliance, and optimize output and quality when you work with Sikich.

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