Demand Management

Integrating the sales, marketing, planning, scheduling, procurement, manufacturing and distribution functions can be a challenge for any organization. Make demand management your competitive advantage with the following Sikich Demand Management services:

Sales and Operations Planning
Although a missing component in most demand management functions, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is key because it coordinates the demand creation and demand fulfillment capabilities to create one set of integrated plans. By working with Sikich’s Supply Chain advisors, you will receive a solution tailored to meet the needs of your organization with an efficient and effective process.

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Execution
The S&OP process can be tightly integrated with upstream and downstream supply chain partners to leverage the combined knowledge and information that exists in the supply chain. Take the next step to increased sales, reduced operations cost, improved relations and reduced inventory by designing and implementing a collaborative planning process.

Inventory Management
In a world-class supply chain, inventory is viewed as one of the major sources of “waste.” Work with Sikich to control inventory by developing strategies to reduce lead times, utilizing “pull” scheduling techniques, and maximize customer service with minimal inventory investment.

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