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Empowering Employees to Control their Financial Futures

A thorough analysis of an organization’s retirement plan can help determine how well the plan is preparing employees for retirement. The success of plan participants can be directly attributed to the impact of an Employee Education Plan. At Sikich Financial, we work with you to plan and implement a comprehensive Education Plan.

Retirement Plan Employee Education – Developed and designed based on demographics to engage employees utilizing many different education methods to prepare for their retirement

Automatic Enrollment and Progressive Savings – Many studies have shown the benefits of implementing automatic enrollment and progressive savings defaults to increase participation and   deferral rates for employees

Financial Planning Education – Educate employees on a variety of financial planning topics including such areas as planning for a child’s education and developing a family budget

Measure and Evaluate All Plans Annually – For each education plan employed, we track and monitor the success of the plan and revaluate as necessary

Online Account Access – Participants have the ability to view account balances, track investment performance and transactions, establish account rebalancing, and obtain   prospectuses, fund fact sheets, SPD and other forms.

**Investment advisory services offered through Sikich Financial, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.
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