Human Resources Consulting

Recruiting and Onboarding
Finding and retaining top talent is vital for every organization. Your business, culture and positions are unique—and your recruiting plans should be as well. From identifying the right candidates and performing background checks, to negotiating the offer and implementing orientation processes, lead your organization toward effective recruiting and onboarding.

Compensation and Compliance
Compensation and compliance are ever-changing functions of human resources. This means that your organization must stay current with industry trends and new regulations. Create the right pay plans based on the latest salary data, and develop and implement an action plan to maintain compliance—all by working with an expert human resources consultant.

Competitive benefit packages can be a determining factor in whether or not you secure the best candidate for an open job at your organization. Develop or update valuable benefit plans for your current and potential employees, from medical insurance plans and wellness programs to vacation time and continuing education reimbursement. By providing your organization’s most important asset—your people—with benefit plans that will positively impact their working and personal lives, you’re likely to retain your best employees.  Our services encompass total plan design, government and regulatory compliance, employee education, specialty compensation packages, cafeteria plans, and plan design and administration.

Employee Relations
Effective employee relations are necessary to maintaining a successful human resources strategy. Stay ahead of potential issues through supervisory training and coaching, team-building exercises, compensation and benefits reviews, and opportunities for confidential employee feedback. And at the backbone of all these is a strong employee communications program that makes your employees feel connected to the organization—from handbooks and training manuals to newsletters and websites.

Business growth requires strong employee and organizational development plans. Whether you’re looking to train new employees, provide ongoing employee performance feedback or align the organization’s vision and expectations, start by knowing your long-term goals. After determining the foundation for your organization’s development, drive your growth progress by talking to a human resources professional at Sikich.
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