Financial Forensic Services for Law Enforcement

Fiancial Forensic Services for Law Enforcement Financial crimes such as money laundering, tax scams, embezzlement and financial statement fraud are putting organizations at risk more than ever before and negatively impacting their reputation and enterprise value. As an investigator, your success hinges on your ability to obtain, organize, analyze and present sound evidence. To quickly and successfully achieve this goal, you need a responsive forensic advisory services team that possesses a unique blend of technical know-how, industry expertise and forensic accounting skills to meticulously sift through complex evidence, follow a winding paper trail and get to the root of fraud.

Cut beneath the surface and uncover the real story to solve complex fraud investigations and prosecute perpetrators with concrete, substantiated proof. Our team consists of forensic accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) who combine their technical forensic accounting skills, investigative dexterity, cutting-edge forensic technology systems and tools, with comprehensive industry knowledge to arm law enforcement with verified evidence and assist them in solving cases involving entangled fraudulent acts.

Complete a thorough, effective and timely fraud investigation with Sikich's forensic accounting and financial services:

Financial Fraud Investigation
Our certified fraud examiners provide a variety of services to assist corporate fraud, financial identity fraud, tax fraud, and insurance fraud investigations.

  • Financial investigation
  • Expert testimony
  • Evidence preservation

Forensic Accounting
Sikich's forensic accountants are available to assist in all aspects of forensic accounting investigation.

  • Establish the financial facts of the case
  • Special investigations, including tax investigation services
  • Provide independent, impartial analysis

Computer Forensics Services
Computer forensic experts provide complete analysis and expert witness services.

  • Uncover a digital trail of e-evidence quickly
  • Discover existing electronic data and recover deleted, encrypted or damaged file information

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