Fraud Services

Fraud costs the American economy billions of dollars every year through corruption, employee dishonesty and financial statement misrepresentation. Fraud is usually uncovered by accident or employee tip and causes a storm throughout the organization. Emotions run high, jobs are at stake and trust is broken. Handling a fraud incident is complex—well beyond the expertise and experience of most managers—and one should seek help from a forensic team immediately. Address the issue and allow your organization to heal as quickly as possible by working with Sikich’s forensic professionals who offer investigation and restitution support to prepare the insurance claim, as well as serve as liaison with law enforcement.

Fraud is a fact of organizational life and managing these incidents comes with the job, but the best cure is prevention. After solving an incident, avoid employee fraud in the future by allowing Sikich’s forensic professionals and technologists to develop a program that improves internal controls and prevents dishonesty through a secure information technology (IT) environment—the bedrock of a fraud prevention system.

Fraud Incident Management Services

Fraud Prevention Services

  • Internal controls review
  • Controls improvement and implementation assistance
  • IT security services
  • Passwords and encryption assistance
  • Human resources assistance and hiring practice review
  • Vendor review and investigation
  • Procurement review
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training programs
  • Whistle blower system design and implementation

Our Services for Fraud Investigation for Internal Controls

  • Securing and gathering evidence through computer forensics
  • Conducting interviews with witnesses, key stakeholders and potentially, the suspected perpetrator
  • Evaluating systems and procedures to find control weaknesses
  • Recommending ways to improve internal controls to prevent future infractions, including providing human resources and internal technology assistance
  • Training leaders in fraud prevention


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