Dispute Advisory

From investigative accounting, to fraud management and prevention, to damage analysis including valuation—if you’re part of the litigation and corporate community and involved in a dispute of any size, find a full range of financial forensic services with Sikich. Regardless of the unique requirements of your case or situation, experience professional power quickly and in force with our experts, who leverage technology and CPA capabilities to better serve you. Whether you need an expert witness or a consultant to Counsel during trial, arbitration or mediation; or a professional on location where fraud has occurred, we’ll help resolve the crisis and mend your organization.

These skill sets are further deployed to serve the insurance community in a variety of claims analysis and litigation situations. 

Our Solutions

Fraud Services
Fraud costs the American economy billions of dollars each year. If you suspect employee fraud, contact an expert to manage the incident and prevent future dishonesty.
Forensic Investigation
Throughout your forensic investigation, get solid answers, analyzed data and actionable conclusions to solve the situation.
For Attorneys
When a potential dispute arises, feel confident knowing you have a dispute advisory expert ready to objectively manage the entire investigative and legal processes. 
For Insurance Carriers
Identify insurance fraud, minimize its harmful effects and work quickly to resolve the situation with an experienced fraud investigator.
For Government
Defend against financial reporting fraud, and work to eliminate it in the future with the financial and technical advice you need.
For Law Enforcement
Quickly solve complex fraud investigations and prosecute perpetrators with concrete evidence.

Sikich’s dispute advisory services extend to those coping with a fraud incident, the legal community, those requiring forensic investigative services, insurance carriers and government entities.

Fraud and Employee Dishonesty

  • Fraud Incident Management Services
  • Insurance Claim Preparation
  • Liaison with Law Authorities
  • Fraud Prevention Services
  • Internal Controls Improvement

Forensic Accounting

  • Establish the financial facts of a case
  • Special investigations
  • Financial causation
  • Business Interruption
  • Fidelity losses

Damage Analysis

  • Permanent diminution of the value of a business
  • Lost Profits Analysis
  • Business valuation and appraisal of intangible assets
  • Compensatory and punitive damages
  • Fair value in stockholder disputes
  • Solvency analysis and fraudulent conveyance
  • Fair price and disclosure issues
  • Intangibles in property tax


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