In 1982, when a small CPA firm with three locations merged its Champaign, IL office with a national CPA firm, the remaining two offices adopted Sikich Gardner & Co as their corporate name. During the next decade, Sikich Gardner experienced substantial growth, and became a leading provider of accounting services.

Throughout most of the firm’s history Sikich appeared much like other traditional public accounting firms, providing accounting, tax and general consulting services. By the mid 1990s, the Firm reached a juncture where it could either continue to operate along the conventional lines of a CPA practice or begin to create a dynamic professional services firm that would encompass a broader array of skill sets and open market potential.

In 1996, Sikich partners launched the Firm in a new direction, one that would have far-reaching consequences for business, employees, and clients. By expanding into nontraditional service areas—Sikich became a true multi-discipline, professional services practice.

During the ensuing decade, Sikich experienced exponential growth and became one of the country’s 50 largest CPA firms. Today only about 40 percent of the Firm’s service offerings would be considered customary for a public accounting firm. Today, the firm has a large technology practice providing technology software and services and a multitude of advisory services including investment banking and dispute advisory services to name a couple. Like most successful enterprises, Sikich continues to evolve and expand its capabilities—adding new services, enhancing technical proficiencies, and extending geographic reach.of your organization.

Sikich operates 21 offices in 13 states, including our corporate headquarters in Naperville, Illinois. However, we serve clients throughout the United States and internationally. Call us today to learn how Sikich can help you improve the performance of your organization.

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